Friday, May 8, 2015

How to save money on a dumpster rental?

Brown bagging your lunch, using coupons, shopping sales and being a prudent money manager makes sense to even the well-heeled.  So when it comes to a dumpster rental, you want to keep the costs reasonable yet get the job done.   
Even so, there are a few ways for you to reduce the cost of a dumpster rental.   

Dumpster rental cost saving suggestion #1
Make a list of local organizations that take things for re-use and re-sale. Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Hillsborough County or ReStore in Pinellas County accepts working appliances (7 years old or newer; dishwashers 3 years old or newer), architectural items, kitchen and bath cabinets, some flooring, doors, lumber (full sheets/lengths only), lighting, windows, tools, paint (full/unopened cans only) and more. You receive a tax-deductible donation and contribute to the mission of Habitat for Humanity.   Check out their websites & give them a call, it is great way to help out others!  This, in turn, reduces the size of dumpster you need.

Dumpster rental cost saving suggestion #2
The American Red Cross has clothing donation drop boxes around the Tampa Bay area, and Donation Town, Salvation Army and Goodwill all offer pick up services. This not only means you need less dumpster space, but also helps the environment by keeping more stuff out of landfills. Electronics can be taken to some YMCAs and to Best Buy for recycling.   Some YMCAs have volunteer tech people who tinker with things to restore them to working order for re-sale. 

Dumpster rental cost saving suggestion #3
Taking the time to break down bulky items helps with space conservation in the dumpster.  Also, instead of tossing things inside willy-nilly, do a little organization on placing stuff by stacking and nesting, putting largest items on the bottom. 

Dumpster rental cost saving suggestion #4
You can't be the only one in your condo complex or neighborhood doing a deep cleaning or yard tidy up or eliminating storm damage.   Ask neighbors to chip in on perhaps a larger dumpster rental than you alone need. Share the cost, share the dumpster, share a pizza and a few stories during the cleanup and clean out process.

Dumpster rental cost saving suggestion #5
If your project timing is flexible, call the dumpster rental service you wish to use and ask what their slow time of year is.  They may be more willing to negotiate price or the number of days you can keep the dumpster during their slow time of season.

Dumpster rental cost saving suggestion #6
If you have really heavy items, ask your dumpster rental company if any of them are recyclable.  Concrete & Tile for example can sometimes be recycled if kept "clean" (no other debris mixed in).  You may be able to save on your weight with a recycling dumpster and in the end save some money.

Dumpster rental cost saving suggestion #7
Do you have metal items such as old patio furniture, appliances, tools or other metal items?  Often times there are local recyclers who will come and get those items for free, or if you place them at the road side someone will pick them up.  This will depend on your local area and any codes or ordinances that might apply, but here in Pinellas & Hillsborough County, we have recyclers always looking for material they can collect and not only are you helping them out, it doesn't cost you anything.

Hopefully one of these cost savings ideas will help you reduce your dumpster rental costs.!

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