Friday, May 15, 2015

Home rennovation is worth the dust

Homeownership comes with benefits, fun, challenges and expenses.  Remodeling is one of the big expense considerations you might be facing.  Should you update the kitchen, add a room or second story, expand the deck, change the siding, remodel or add a bathroom, renovate the first floor?

At, several remodeling job costs are listed with their projected resale value.  Ones that top 80% for return include wood deck addition, steel entry door replacement, new garage doors, manufactured stone veneer and siding replacement.  Others recouping more than 60% are kitchen remodels, window replacement (vinyl or wood), attic bedroom, composite deck addition and garage or second story addition. 

While all remodeling costs may not come back to the homeowner at sale, they do improve the property and increase its overall value.  What cannot be measured and is worthy of discussion is the enjoyment of the improvements and remodels possibly for years to come.  Unless one is downsizing, it's less expensive to remodel than to move in many cases.  And, it's not generally a great idea to remodel a home to sell as opposed to remodel it to enjoy.

A couple noteworthy remodel jobs on the downward trend are home offices and sunrooms. Advancements in mobile technology and cloud storage have put the skids on many a home office anchored with a desktop computer station.  Sunrooms have always been expensive and difficult to cool or heat, and even in Florida, more homeowners are embracing open patios with a slatted or permanent roof or awning or screened porch that's not encased in the glass of a traditional sunroom. 

The hard to digest but necessary and costly remodels are unseen ones like HVAC replacement, plumbing update and a new roof.  Visible enhancements like getting rid of oh-so-outdated, cheesy wood paneling or popcorn ceilings, along with a front yard makeover, provide instant gratification to lifestyle. 

Choosing the right contractor is a huge piece of any remodel project, maybe one of the most important choices you will have to make.  Take the time to do reference checks, ensure the contractor is licensed, & has experience with the type of work you need done.  Locally there are some resources available to you, below are a few.

Once you have a design, a contractor and required building permits, you need to be prepared for:
  • dust, debris, & junk
  • noise
  • open doors with new materials and workers coming and going
  • unexpected (faulty wiring, irregular framing, gerry-rigged something or other)
  • delays (materials late, defective)
  • decisions (where does this outlet go? how low on this chandelier?)
  • cost overruns

One good way to reduce cost and save time is by choosing the right dumpster company, or requiring your contractor to use a specific company.   

Bin There Dump That is the reliable dumpster service, that works with contractors and homeowners to ensure smooth efficient waste removal from their projects.  These professionals deliver a clean green dumpster, on time, and place the dumpster on boards for driveway protection.   Here are just a few quick differences and why it will matter.

  • Clean green dumpster - no one wants an unsightly rusty box staining their driveway
  • On time - a late bin means waiting or moving stuff twice, don't waste time or money
  • Driveway protection guarantee - why risk adding driveway repair to the remodel job

So get ready to tear things out, toss them into the dumpster rental outside your door, sweep and ready the room for a renovation you will enjoy immensely ~ once the dust settles.

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