Friday, January 22, 2016

Kitchen and Bath Remodel Trends

As we step into a new year, you can be certain there will be new products, new innovations and new practical - and impractical - ways to update your kitchen and bath.  Many are do-it-yourself kinds of tasks, and other require the professionals in renovation, plumbing and electrical, maybe even an Interior Designer to evaluate function, layout and style.

All home interiors usually embrace a blend of new-and-improved with tried-and-true.  You can't go wrong with an all white kitchen, for example, or stainless steel appliances.   In Florida, where it's warm year-round, popular colors reflect the sea, sand and sky for glorious aquamarine and coral pastels along with ubiquitous, multiple shades of creams and whites.  If you live in an area like St. Pete Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Clearwater Beach, Apollo Beach or one of our other great Tampa area beaches, you may be looking for just that type of style.

Some kitchen and bath trends have been evolving in recent years and others are new for 2016 
  • hanging pendants and task-specific lighting instead of recessed ceiling lights
  • quartz and stainless steel countertops
  • more curve and angles to islands and counters
  • textured surfaces ~ nubby, linen-look, leather-like
  • clever pull-out drawers
  • open, user-friendly shelves and storage
  • mosaic tile and retro furnishings
  • farm and under-mount sinks or unique vessels in the bathroom
  • Euro-influenced faucets
  • minimal cupboard hardware
  • no threshold showers, all glass
  • he pullout sink faucet in the kitchen
  • modern minimalist stove hoods

The fashion world sets the stage not only for clothing and style, but also impacts the floral industry and kitchen and bath design.  You'll find that new, textured surfaces mimic fabrics and strong laminates are sporting patterns like quilt blocks and brocades.  Wood floors harken back to cabin days and never go out of style.  Ceilings are getting a lot more attention with color and recessed portions with trim and even crown molding. An accent wall can create a focal point in your own favorite color -- red for retro perhaps, sable brown for warmth, soft salmon and gentle pinks for seashell hues.

Bronze, copper and brushed brass are replacing the high sheen metallics, and the spa-at-home trend continues as people create a special haven and retreat atmosphere right at home.  Freestanding bathtubs, large surfaces around the tub, whirlpool and deep, soaking tubs and multiple shower heads in oversized, glassed-in showers provide the kind of luxury inspired by resorts and day spas.  The hassles and expense of travel can be dramatically reduced by considering your home the best place for relaxation and renewal.  Elegant lighting, natural stone finishes and handcrafted tile accents contribute to your sense of well-being.

Cruising around the Internet for ideas is easy at websites where you can see and read all about kitchen and bath trends, as well as what works, what looks good with what and how you can update or renovate your own kitchen or bath.   Check out:
And... there is always one of our many home shows you can go to and get some great ideas.  One of the next Tampa area home shows is going to be at the Florida Fairgrounds.  Check out the details at their website

Whether you embrace the latest, greatest and trendiest or simply stick with traditional, functional and what you like best, every kitchen and bath update just might call for a Tampa area dumpster rental from the professionals at Bin There Dump That.  They will respond on time for delivery and pick up, and you will save time and energy with the convenience of disposal right outside your door.  Any home kitchen and bath project, big or small, DIY or not, is really sweet ~ once it's over.     

Friday, January 15, 2016

Curb Appeal ~ first impressions matter

Despite our best efforts, we do judge a book by its cover, people by their attire and a house by its appearance.  Like it or not, first impressions set the stage for everything that follows.  Curb appeal can be a deal breaker, and houses with an attractive curb appeal sell for higher prices in less time than those with a bit of sloppy out front.

Many classy neighborhoods, condo buildings and gated communities have homeowner associations with covenants, restrictions and easements to maintain visual attraction of the neighborhoods as a whole.   Even so, cobwebs, mildew, peeling trim paint and rust don't discriminate on where they crop up.

There are buyers out there looking for the "handyman's special" and offering low-ball prices, but just as many or more are looking for the equivalent of a nice home on which they can make an offer, sign a contract and move in without lifting a paint brush.   Many people relocating to the Tampa Bay region maybe in accepting a new position or job promotion, and they intend to focus their energy on the company, responsibilities, co-workers, neighbors and new schools for the kids and not on sprucing up the front porch.

Not everything can be addressed in a litany of covenants, and it may be your responsibility to maintain a nice exterior look. But, if you've slipped a bit on the home front, here are some ways to enhance curb appeal:

  • sweep cobwebs, loose dirt
  • check gutters and drains for drainage and damage
  • replace house numbers with classy, large ones
  • touch up or paint trim, porch railings, etc.
  • stain decks and natural wood surfaces
  • power wash everything (this might dislodge loose paint)
  • kill mold and mildew
  • replace or repair garage doors
  • fill cracks in driveway and seal
  • clean windows
  • new mailbox
  • new porch and garage light fixtures
  • paint front door, new door knocker or hardware or polish what's there
  • trim shrubs and weeds; add mulch or potted flowers (even just one)
  • remove branches close to roof or siding         
  • lightscaping along walkways
  • neatly edge sidewalks and driveway
  • put away toys, bicycles, etc.
  • add a color accent ~ chair, flowers, pot, bench
  • fences and fence sections in good repair, stain or paint
  • repoint bricks which have lost mortar
  • replace any cracked glass
  • inspect foundation
  • clean up after pets
  • store trash cans, RVs, boats out of sight or off property

Call Bin There Dump That before you begin your clean-up.   They'll deliver a dumpster, place it neatly in your driveway and pick it up when you ask.   If you don't think you have enough junk for a dumpster, ask the neighbors on either side to go in with you for even greater curb appeal that extends on both sides of your house!

Many buyers cannot see potential, and others are not interested in purchasing potential.  The offer price goes down with every little thing, and they are on the lookout for small stuff to chip away at the price.   Keep your curb appeal at its best, and that first impression may convert quickly to a tour and a contract.