Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Home Renovation Trends

            This is an exciting year for home improvement do-it-yourselfers. There are more materials, products, youtube videos and websites than ever before to browse for ideas, instructions and video guides. Tile that looks like wood is gaining popularity for flooring, along with spa-like bathrooms, streams and ponds in backyards and hardscaping from which to enjoy those water features.

            The home handyman or the highly motivated not-yet handyman - or woman - can develop a plan and a budget one weekend and potentially start and finish a home project the next. The savings, increased property value and self-satisfaction are worth the effort. It may take a little blood, sweat and tears before completion, but the idea is mostly just the sweat [equity].

            Before you go hog wild on your project, arrange with Bin There Dump That to have a dumpster rental delivered the day you want it and picked up when you specify. They'll put boards under the dumpster for driveway protection, and they are friendly, professional and happy to help. Some trends making headlines are:

            Bold colors - from ceilings to accent walls and tile to little dressers and benches, daring colors enliven any space.

            Lighting - colored ginger jar bases with drum shades reminiscent of the 1950s are showing up on nightstands, end tables and desks in home offices. Pendants replace recessed lights over kitchen islands (an easy DIY switch-a-roo) and outdoor spotlights illuminate gardens, trees and Old Glory after dark.

            Open shelving - accessibility is trending for the dishes in the kitchen and towels in the bathroom. Open shelves are holding plates, pitchers, baskets and all sorts of platters and pottery.
            Spa bathrooms - taking cues from luxury hotels, bathrooms are moving from utilitarian to spa-like zones for relaxation. Wainscoting, wallpaper, vessel sinks, soft lighting, deep soaking tubs, plush towels rolled in a basket or open shelf, flameless candles, bubble bath, heated towel racks and TV, radio and music are part of the spa experience at home.

            Rural touches - natural wood doors, rustic benches and weathered flea market finds can add some farm feel and country cozy to every room in the house. If you find a piece that's too distressed, whitewash or streak it with your favorite color for interest.

            Water features - in a weekend, you can create a pond, a stream, a fountain or some soothing water feature with a few pond plants, maybe some fish (they are good for ecological balance, though koi eat snails) and a frog or two - real or ceramic.

            Hardscaping - retaining walls, paver patios or just a slate base for a bench in a far corner in the shade, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces encourage more time and relaxation outside.

            Browse these websites for ideas for every home improvement, including some you may have not thought of or considered. There's something for every budget and every lifestyle, and don't forget the fine folks over at Bin There Dump That before you starting tearing up your yard or house.