Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Water Water Everywhere ~ or in a Pond

A water feature cannot only transform your landscape, but also provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation, along with increased property value. Across the country, homeowners are installing ponds and streams where none used to be, although you are near the ocean everywhere in the Tampa Bay region, those waves do not (thankfully) crash in your backyard.

Water has a soothing, tranquil effect and can provide an emotional lift and reducing stress. Installing any water feature in your yard has a good impact on the environment by attracting birds, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and small critters. Keeping some fish brings more entertainment and contributes positively to the cleanliness and ecological balance of a pond. Snails will help decompose organic matter that can collect on the bottom of any pond. However, Koi fish eat snails, so do your homework on which fish are best for your little water world.

More and more landscaping companies are branching into water feature designs and construction. If you are highly motivated and understand pumps and filters, it can be a do-it-yourself project. Many of the large home improvement stores have everything you need and you can browse for information, supplies and equipment at websites like:

If you are not into digging up your yard for another project to build and maintain, consider a container water garden or small fountain in a large tub or corner of your patio. It doesn't have to travel 40 feet in a stream and spill into some gigantic pond to be soothing and attractive. It can be small, sweet and special. Even a birdbath is a water feature.

One great advantage in Florida is that your pipes, pumps and filters are not likely to freeze in winter. When doing all of this, even if it’s not a DIY project you will need to have a place to dump all the junk. Get in touch with Bin There Dump That for a dumpster rental throughout your water project. You need a dumpster for the debris, dirt and gunk you will pull out of your yard to make space for the water feature, and these guys are experts at protecting your driveway and yard and honoring your timetable for delivery and pick-up.

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