Monday, November 16, 2015

Getting ready to sell your home? How it looks can make a big difference!

We are starting a new series of guest blogs where we'll have a local expert provide us with some advice and tips in their field of expertise. To start things off, my friend Brad Meinck from Coastal Properties Group has some great tips and thoughts on getting your home ready for sale.

Often, clients ask me what are some of the things that I can do personally to make a meaningful impact on selling my home? One of the easiest and cost effective solutions is to remove any clutter, junk or other unusable items within the home, garage, storage sheds etc… You want to project a clean and organized home. While your personal style aesthetic may differ from buyers; by having everything neat and orderly, this goes a long way of allowing a potential buyer to visualize the home with their own unique personal touches.

Another great way of adding appeal is to perform a yard clean up. Whether it is palm limbs, weeding or other non-essential materials in the yard, removal will project a better “curb appeal”. The use of potted plants and flowers is also a nice choice in projecting and emphasizing your home’s individual beauty. You can’t underestimate the impact of how your yard looks when a prospective buyer drives up for the first time.

It today’s fast paced work and home environments its hard to set aside time for deep cleaning and getting rid of junk. A good practice is to set aside a weekend to get the job done. For those items that may have value, there are many charitable organizations that will provide areas for drop off. Some charities will even provide pickup service to gather your donations.

With the local market having limited inventory of single-family homes and values increasing, you want to achieve the best price possible. By taking some time and elbow grease, a homeowner can go a long way in helping improve their chances of yielding the best return on their home sale.

For the non-usable items, trash and yard waste, I recommend Bin There Dump That Tampa Bay. I have personally used them at my own home and have recommended them to my Real Estate clients. They deliver a clean dumpster and do not damage your driveway. Their customer service professionals can assess your job and recommend the best sized dumpster for your particular job and available placement.

If you’re a looking to buy or sell in the Tampa Bay area, I am a Clearwater Beach based agent with Coastal Properties Group and Christies International Real Estate. My cell phone number is 727.366.2606 and my web address is

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