Friday, October 2, 2015

Disaster Restoration Professionals

No matter how prepared you are for events such as hurricanes or flooding, natural disasters and other unwanted disasters like fires do strike.  When disaster strikes and you have your hands full with evaluating the needs of your home or business and safety of your family, it might be the right time to engage the services of a disaster restoration company.  These folks are the experts in water extraction, odor neutralizing, mold and mildew evaluation, hazards to health and home, professional clean-up and complete restoration of property, including contents which can be salvaged.  They can make a big difference in your recovery time and really remove stress from the process.

Not only does a disaster restoration staff have specialized training and knowledge in disaster recovery, but also they have super-duper equipment like high-powered water extraction units, gigantic fans and state-of-the-art thermal imaging tools to find water where you cannot see it.  It's likely if they are on the scene quickly, after a flood, for example, that mold will never materialize into a big issue because they know well how to act fast to remove water and dry a structure.

Additionally, disaster restoration firms can deal with biohazards like sewer backup, hazardous material spills, copious mold, hoarding situations, even crime and death scenes.  Most of these firms are familiar with and assist in the process of dealing with insurance companies and claims making the process even easier for you.  Some municipalities may require professional cleaning before re-instating an occupancy permit in a house or allowing you to re-open your business building.

When choosing a disaster recovery company, look for online reviews & reputation, check to see that they have a local contractor permit, registered to do business in FL, Better Business Bureau endorsement and/or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) logo. This non-profit institute offers a comprehensive line of classes to increase knowledge and competency and certification in a wide range of areas, like:

  • Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT)
  • Applied Structural Drying Technician (ASD)
  • Senior Carpet Inspector (SCI)
  • Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT)
  • Health and Safety Technician (HST)
  • Odor Control Technician (OCT)
  • Wood and Laminate Flooring Inspector (WLFI)
  • Introduction to Substrate Subfloor Inspection (ISSI)
  • Building Moisture Thermography (BMT)
  • and  many more...
The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) has been providing advanced training to indoor environmental professionals for more than a decade.  NORMI is involved in possible legislation that states may embrace which will not impede business growth.  Currently, there are few or no mold regulations for building or maintaining structures.

While we applaud the do-it-yourselfers who often rent Tampa roll off dumpsters from Bin There Dump That, there are DIY projects both at home and at work (if you are a business owner) which are best left to the professionals in terms of turnaround time, expertise,  equipment and proficiency.   When it comes to getting rid of that debris or junk, Tampa dumpster rentals from the team at Bin There Dump That is a great option to considder.  Let them do what they do best, Tampa dumpster rentals, so you can spend your post-disaster time and energy on family, business and employee safety and security.

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