Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dozen Days of Downpours... plus a few Dozen more!

This past month had a few dozen days of downpours.  A few dozen or so roads closed. A few dozen inches of rainfall...  Several dozens of disasters.   If you are dealing with the fallout of flooding and rain damage, the Bin There Dump That Dumpster Diva is here to help.   

July ended with 4.77 inches above normal rainfall, and if you have wet carpets, a flooded carport, water damage in your yard or around the foundation or other rain-inflicted destruction, you need to take action.   The City of Tampa has been giving away sandbags, and residents have to exercise caution in leaving home, as many roads have been closed, flooded and/or damaged.   Flood warnings were issued, and the Anclote River rose more than two feet above flood stage on Aug. 3.   Flooding can occur days after rain has stopped.

Unwanted water commands immediate attention as it not only can destroy carpets, electronics, floors and furnishings, but also it creates a haven for mold growth.   Mold can ruin interior walls and structure components, and it promotes very poor indoor air quality which in turn can cause serious illness and respiratory problems.   The quicker you act, the faster you reduce chances of unnecessary damage and health issues.

  • Disconnect power if water is above any electrical outlets, and exercise caution using electrical things like a shop vac in places where water has accumulated
  • Wear protective clothing, boots and gloves, etc
  • Take photos for insurance purposes before you begin clean-up work
  • Remove what you can as quickly as you can to higher ground or place
  • Get rid of water; use buckets and mops if you have to; remove mud with shovels and hose out what you can
  • Cut away wet drywall, tear up rugs, remove wet insulation and worry about repairs later
  • Check foundation for mortar breakdown
  • Open up everything you can to dry air and breezes
  • As things dry, clean with disinfectant to eliminate bacteria; water and common bleach mixture (5:1 ratio) is a great disinfectant except for fabric; wear protective gear and work with windows open
  • One excellent product, Concrobium, inhibits mold growth  
  • Arrange for a Tampa dumpster rental with Bin There Dump That to keep all the wet, damp and damaged stuff together and away from the house.

Timing is of the essence when cleaning up unwanted water, and cross-ventilation is the best way to dry things out.  It may not be the fastest, and you can assist with fans.  Don't forget to open small spaces like half-baths, closets and pantries. 

Then head for the yard for downed branches, debris, plastic chairs and anything in the neighborhood that wasn't nailed down during high wind and rain that may now be on your property.  Bin There Dump That can deliver a yard waste dumpster rental for you to share with a couple neighbors for tree limbs, errant junk and damaged landscaping. 

Remember this tiny fact: Most people underestimate the size of a dumpster they need, so go up a notch or two and be sure you have what you need first time, so you're not paying for multiple pick-ups and replacement. The Bin There Dump That folks can help you decide, and they'll be like your new best friend for a quick response and professional placement and storm debris and junk removal. 

Keep an eye on where ERIKA is going, hopefully it turns east and gives us a break from the rain!

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