Friday, April 17, 2015

Clean up that yard, trim those trees!

The long growing season in and around Tampa promotes tree and plant growth not experienced to the north, requiring frequent attention. The oaks, being very big trees, shed leaves by the thousands. Palm trees need trimming or are likely to drop fronds if they naturally shed.   Plants and other greenery have a long growing season that can keep you busy!

... yes... there is a house back there!

Quick tip... palm tree pruning - once palm fronds are brown, yellow, dead or broken, they can be pruned off. Healthy leaves should never be pruned from a palm because it can weaken the entire tree. One can remove flower and fruit stalks from a palm tree. They not only attract pests like rodents to dine on them, but also take strength from the tree. 

In addition to some 300 species of native trees and another 1,000 exotic varieties of trees and plants in Florida, chances are good that you have some unwanted pieces of these in your yard.  Old sod, mulch or pavers can be tossed out to make way for a newly landscaped yard or just one section of your yard.   Leaves, grass clippings, pine needles and shrubbery branches can easily be piled on a tarp and dragged to a dumpster rental and walked in or lifted in with two people folding in each corner on their end.   

Quick tip... trailer or dumpster? - because a trailer is on wheels, the sides are often higher than a typical roll off dumpster making it harder to toss your debris in it & you also wont be able to "walk into the trailer with a wheel barrel as you could with a dumpster.

Lawn care companies, tree removal businesses and landscaping firms can use roll off dumpster rentals as well, and you can pass the word if they are coming to your property or homeowner association or neighborhood. 

Whatever you do in terms of cleanup, it not only assists in maintaining property value, but it reflects well on the homeowners or tenants. So much factors into our personal images and reputations, and how you manage and present yourself via your yard makes an impression. Let's make it a favorable one! 

Yard clean up tips

  • Buy a child's rake for getting under shrubs and bushes easily
  • Make sure you have gloves
  • Clean out gutters
  • Run water from a hose down every downspout
  • Buy a 2-wheeled cart for enhanced stability over the old wheelbarrow
  • Pressure wash or wash and brush flagstone walkways
  • Tidy up the front entrance area for curb appeal 
  • Order pizza for all your helpers

A yard waste dumpster rental can
  • save time, you wont have to find the dump or go to the dump and wait in line
  • save money, avoid scratches & dents to your truck and your time going to the dump
  • convenience, you fill it & you are done!..., they deliver it, cover it, haul it, & dump it
  • safety, yard waste can be heavy and loads need to be covered for transport

So when you get ready for that yard clean up project, don't forget to order your dumpster rental.  Look for a reliable choice that can meet your needs and save you time & money. 

Happy trimming!

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