Friday, March 27, 2015

How to get started finding the right Dumpster Rental

Have junk or trash to get rid of & not sure how to get started with a Dumpster Rental?  Here are some quick tips to get you started.

1.                 Determine if any special permits or municipal rules apply

If you have a neighborhood or homeowners association (HOA) check to see what your community rules are for construction and placement of dumpsters.  Some dumpster rental companies will work with your HOA requirements, that is important to ask and understand before you buy.

Some cities such as incorporated Largo & incorporated Seminole are small business unfriendly and actually go as far as to remove the consumers choice and require you to use only one vendor.  You may have no choice in who you use or what you pay if you are in a municipality that has these rules.

2.                 Estimate the dumpster size you will need

Estimate the space you'll need to discard the junk or trash you are removing from the house, business, or yard.  Bear in mind that most people underestimate the size of a dumpster rental, so you may want to go up one or two sizes to be sure. It can cost you less in the long run to rent a larger size, than to have a small one picked up for emptying multiple times. 

            Cruise through the Bin There Dump That website for dumpster photos and size descriptions. Like gravel and concrete, dumpster sizes are described by cubic yards, three feet to a side.   A “14 yard dumpster” is 14 cubic yards of space for trash hauling.

It is important to note that debris and trash may only be piled level with the top of the dumpster for legal transportation.   Trash, boards, junk, branches and yard debris may not always stack or pack neatly and there is often some unused space in the middle to account for.  Whether you determine the size exactly or make your best guess, talk to Bin There Dump That staff to confirm the appropriate size for your needs.

3.                 Find a rental company that can meet your needs

   Does the company answer the phone & are they helpful with your questions?
   Do they service your area?
   Do they have inventory available for your delivery date you need?
   What type of delivery window do they provide?
   Will they protect your driveway?
   Will the size fit where you need to place it?
   Is the company licensed and insured?

4.                 Determine when you need the dumpster delivered & how long you need it

Decide when you want to begin your project and how long you expect you'll need the dumpster rental.  If you schedule 2-3 days ahead, most companies can accommodate delivery windows, some may require you to be home, others will not, some delivery on Saturdays, others will not..., ask the questions to make sure they can meet your needs.  The time frame can factor into price also, so ask about the standard dumpster rental time and factor that into your needs as well.

5.                 Understand the dumpster rental fees

We’ll do an entire blog on pricing because there are so many things to discuss, but for this we’ll recommend understanding your total fees and asking for that in a written communication such as an email or price quote.  As about “extra fees” such as “environmental fees” or “fuel surcharge fees” as example, some companies get you with those unexpected items.

6.                 Determine where you will need the dumpster placed

Find out the dimensions of the dumpster rental you will be getting and determine the best location to place it before delivery.  Things to consider will be, where will most of your trash be?  The less distance you have to move it, the better for you or your workers.  No all “20 yard” dumpsters are the same dimensions, meaning the length & height can vary, but the internal size will still be “20 yards”


            The Bin There Dump That staff has "been there done that" when it comes to renovation projects, so we know all that it entails. In fact, this business was founded as a result of not having a competent dumpster rental partner when we most needed one.  Our expert dumpster rental staff is here to help, give them a call with any questions you have!


  1. I never realized that you may have to deal with special permits and regulations. That's actually very good to know! Do you know the best place to find these regulations? Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

  2. Hi Sergio! You can find out this information by contacting your local city or county municipalities. Some areas may or may not require extra permits or fees for delivering a dumpster. I have found it most beneficial to call the local city and county offices and simply asking them whom can help you with this information! Thank you for your response!

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